The 24h race to winning a combined 5,000 € in cash has started!


Please keep in mind:

Rethink the way we move from A to B by creating an experience-orientated product or service.

Everything else is up to your creativity, there are no boundaries to your solution.


Please see below all criteria for judgment and the submission requirements.


Enjoy the next 24h!


If you have any further question please feel free to ask us in person or on Slack :)


Please upload following formats:

-Files containing all of your code

-Presentation for your pitch (only pdf)

-Video showing your prototype in action (e.g. screen video, all common video formats: AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, and MOV)

Your pitch should not take longer than 4 mins. In this time please show your presentation and demo video. Please present in English. It is up to you how many team members present on stage. Afterwards, you will receive 2 min of questions and feedback from our jury. You will not need your laptop. A presenter will be provided.

Generally, we do not offer live demos as the total demo time is limited and switching devices, application not working properly, etc could cause delays. If your presentation involves hardware, please talk to us in advance.

We will only judge what has been uploaded until 12 pm on Friday, here on devpost. If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact us ahead of time. We will schedule your presentation, according to your district number. This will be announced on slack. 

If you advance to the final round you can submit a new presentation for the pitch at the IdeaLab! Mainstage (until 11 pm Friday). Specific requirements for this will be announced. 

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$5,000 in prizes

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Andreas Santoro

Andreas Santoro
Founding Partner, wibas etarate

Roland Grenke

Roland Grenke
Founder, Dubsmash

Maximilian Lambsdorff

Maximilian Lambsdorff
Founding Partner, wibas etarate

Scott Chacon

Scott Chacon
Co-founder, Github

Judging Criteria

  • Explanation
    Your journey toward winning the HackerGames! 2018 consist of two stages. After your projects are submitted, all teams will present/demo their prototype (4 min + 2 min questions). In the first round, our judges will judge your hack based on three pillars.
  • Business potential
    Are you solving a mobility problem? Is your solution unique? Do you address an actual customer need? is it scalable? How coherent is your business model? Is your solution marketable?
  • Functionality
    Does your prototype work? Which features do you offer? Did you design it in a user-friendly way? Do you offer a good usability? How applicable is the solution in your daily life?
  • Technology
    Do you use advanced technology? How innovative is your system? Is it hard to copy? Is it scalable?
  • HackBattle!
    Our jury will select the 3 best teams for a final pitch round (5 minute pitch per team) at the HackBattle! on the IdeaLab! mainstage. The winner of the HackBattle! is based on the votes of the IdeaLab! participants and the jury decision.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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